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    Sting SleeveSting SleeveSting SleeveSting Sleeve
    Sting Sleeve
    "Sting like a bee, float like a dragonfly."

    Like honey to the bee, it’s The Sting you crave. That point of no return - burning deep into your muscles, it hums through your veins, seizes your quads - when your body tells you no more. Your mind pushes you through The Sting, through the pain, through the battlefield of exhaustion, to reign supreme.

    Serious training, next level results.

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what is training mask?

A walk-through for new users covering the components of your Training Mask, how they all work together, and how to acclimatise to the Mask (with example warm-up exercises).

why I use training mask

Adriel 'Bacon' Young
With training mask I am able to make every session count
— Adriel 'Bacon' Young

Young, a heroic Lifeguard and accomplished Triathlete, commonly referred to as ‘Bacon’ on Channel 10s Bondi Rescue does take his day job seriously. On an average day ‘Bacon’ along with his fellow Bondi Lifeguards will accommodate up to 40,000 people before the sun sets. The team will rescue up to 250 people per day, pushing their bodies to the limit while taking on the punishing element of the surf – saving lives daily.

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