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    Spider SleeveSpider SleeveSpider SleeveSpider Sleeve
    Spider Sleeve
    Imagine, on an ordinary day in your ordinary life discover that you have developed super-human powers. Your strength knows no boundaries, energy pulses through your body. But you must keep your powers secret, revealing them only when faced with the greatest challenges (like fighting the forces of evil). It's not important what your competition thinks you can achieve, because you know that when the time comes for you to unleash your secret powers, no-one can stand in your way. You're a masked superhero - destiny calls.

    Serious training, super powered spidey style.

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what is training mask?

A walk-through for new users covering the components of your Training Mask, how they all work together, and how to acclimatise to the Mask (with example warm-up exercises).

why I use training mask

Melina Yung
Helps me get through my pad sessions... getting quicker and easier!! LOVE IT!
— Melina Yung

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