Training Mask Oceania welcomes Adriel 'Bacon' Young

Noosa Heads, Australia: 26-Feb-2014

Training Mask Australia has today announced Adriel Young of Channel 10’s Bondi Rescue to join the Training Mask Australia family as an ambassador.

Young, a heroic Lifeguard and accomplished Triathlete, commonly referred to as ‘Bacon’ on Channel 10s Bondi Rescue does take his day job seriously.

On an average day ‘Bacon’ along with his fellow Bondi Lifeguards will accommodate up to 40,000 people before the sun sets. The team will rescue up to 250 people per day, pushing their bodies to the limit while taking on the punishing element of the surf – saving lives daily.

To raise the stakes from pushing his body to the limit 10 hrs per day 7 days a week as a Lifeguard, Young will be toeing the line on October 12th 2014 of the Ironman Triathlon World Championships held amongst the historically infamous lava fields on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I have noticed a massive difference in my cardiovascular performance as a triathlete but also as a lifeguard in the surf.

Young himself is excited to endorse a training tool such as the Training Mask. “I like to use the training mask because I am always looking for that edge. Working some weeks on the beach for up to 70hrs, time is an issue, with training mask I am able to make every session count. I have noticed a massive difference in my cardiovascular performance as a triathlete but also as a lifeguard in the surf."

2012 Ironman World Champion Pete Jacobs and fellow Training Mask ambassador states, “It is great to have Bacon on board, he is an outstanding athlete and an incredibly genuine person. It impresses me that he uses his abilities to help others even when the cameras aren’t around, and that is an attribute that you see him project in all pursuits of his life”.

Jaimielle Jacobs of Training Mask Australia says Adriel (Bacon) Young was an easy choice, “ Bacon is a great fit for Training Mask, he already was utilizing the Mask when we approached him and found it to be a crucial element in his training routine. Being that the Training Mask fundamentally conditions the lungs and strengthens the diaphragm, increasing breathing efficiency, mental focus and more, as an ambassador Adriel (Bacon) through the elements of surf and triathlon will be equipped to share his unique experiences of these benefits.”

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